Yes, the HOBOT 298 and 2S is capable of cleaning frameless glass.

Yes, just make sure you attach the emergency lanyard before operating.

The most suitable model is the HOBOT 298, due to its speed, ultrasonic sprayer and ability to get into corners.

Yes. Make sure that you remove dust first with a dry clean. Only spray a small amount on the bottom pad for the second clean, avoid spraying it directly on the window.

It is recommended to use the HOBOT window detergent or water. This is to prevent blocking the Ultrasonic sprayer.

You retailer will have spare clothes, ultrasonic spray tanks and HOBOT window detergent in stock. It is also available online.

You HOBOT as an inbuilt UPS that will keep your HOBOT connected to the window for 20 minutes if there is a power failure.

Salt spray creates friction. Friction can cause the 298 and 2S to get stuck or leave streaks. Hence the 388 is recommended for salt spray.

Hobot is the world leading manufacturer of robotic window cleaners, they have been in business for over 10 years.



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