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15,000+ Happy Customers served

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Robot Window Cleaner Buyers Guide

Table of Contents

How do robot window cleaners work?​

Using a micro fibre clothe, vacuum suction force and window cleaning solution your robot window cleaner will help maintain your windows in a clean state.

Robot window cleaners adhere to the window with vacuum suction force. They will not randomly fall off, some models like the HOBOT 2S has an incredible 6.5kg suction force.

Once placed on the window, the robot will work its way automatically to the top of the window frame and then measure the width of the window before starting its cleaning pattern.

The robot is mimicking applied pressure you would use when normally cleaning assisted by solution and a micro fibre clothe.

The secret to robot window cleaning is frequent pad changes and regular use so you don’t get a large build up of dust, dirt and grime on the glass. Similar theory to any home robot.

What glass will a robot window cleaner clean?

Robot window cleaners will clean all sorts of glass. Some models like the HOBOT 2S | 298 will also clean frameless glass.

What about salt spray?

Salt creates friction on glass when used with any square type robot window cleaner. Meaning the robot may get stuck when moving. This is due to the vibrating plate and the strong suction force.

The HOBOT 388 has round pads is capable of removing salt spray. If you wish to use a square robot window cleaner they hosing down outside glass first with dishwashing detergent will break up the salt spray. Hose off all of the detergent, let dry then use the HOBOT to polish  the glass.

Does a robot window cleaner stay connected to power?

Yes. Battery operated robot window cleaners are dangerous.

If the battery fails, the unit will fall, potentially causing death or injury to someone.

When connected to power this ensures that if the power goes out, the back up battery and alarm will sound for 20 minutes as a failsafe.

Robot My Life stocks extensions up to 9m, plus you can also connect the power supply to a longer extension like a 30m line from the hardware store.

I haven’t cleaned my windows in 5 years

Robots have limitations, remember, they are designed for regular maintenance. If you haven’t cleaned your windows in 5 years, both you and a robot may struggle to get the windows perfect.  

How often should I change the pads?

You should use a separate pad for dry cleaning and wet cleaning.

Dry cleaning is when you turn off the spray system, allowing the robot to collect the dust and dirt on the pad first.

Wet cleaning use a clean pad for wet cleaning only, so you are not mixing dust and grime with solution on a window for its final clean.

Keep an eye on the edge of the pads, dirt builds up here first and is an indicator that the pad should be changed.

As a rule of thumb, change the pads every 4-5 windows. Pads are machine washable, but it is a good idea to have a couple of sets of pads.

How often do I need to fill the water tanks?

HOBOT window cleaners use a patented ultrasonic spray system that nebulizes the solution into fine particles, meaning, it doesn’t use much solution. For an average size home half a bottle of HOBOT solution should be enough for 1 clean.

How will I know when it has finished cleaning?

The robot window cleaner should stop where it started.

On high tech units like the HOBOT 2S, it will alert you by speaking and via the APP. So, you could easily be anywhere on the property and be alerted. Remember, you are not timebound to go back to the robot, it could stay adhered to the window for hours if need be.

I have tall 9m windows, will it work?

Yes, products like the HOBOT 298/2S are more than capable of cleaning large windows.

What is the smallest size window it will work on?

The HOBOT 388 can work on a window 35cm x 35cm

The HOBOT 2S and 298 can work on a window 40cm x 40cm

Can I use on a shower screen?

Yes, both the HOBOT 298 and 2S are capable of working on frameless glass.

We recommend first cleaning the shower thoroughly to remove soap scum etc. Then use your window cleaner weekly to prevent soap and scum build up.

Can I use on a splash back?

Yes, you can use the 298 or 2S on splash backs.

Do they work inside and outside?

Yes, robot window cleaners can work outside and inside.

Just ensure when working outside that it is not rainy, humid or windy.

What to know before buying a robot window cleaner

The leading robot window cleaner on the market is HOBOT, who first invented the robot window cleaner in 2010. They also own many patents for robot window cleaners and are made in Taiwan.

When buying a robot window cleaner ensure it has an inbuilt spray system, if it doesn’t then consider a different brand. Spraying solution onto a pad or the window defeats the purpose of a robot window cleaner.

Ensure that the robot window cleaner has multiple safety systems:

  • Back up battery power supply
  • Safety lanyard

Make sure that the specifications of the robot window cleaner meets your needs.