Ultenic T10 Pro



Ultenic T10 Pro


The T10 Pro now sucks even more!

The new T10 Pro has been completely overhauled and now features up to 4000PA suction. Not only has the suction been improved, but so too has the mopping system and self-emptying tower, which is lower profile and now features a stable platform for the T10 Pro to dock. Unlike the original T10 the new mopping system features round rotating pads ensuring your floors are scrubbed as it mops. If you are seeking a cost-effective and reliable self-emptying vacuum and mop you cannot go past the T10pro.

4000pa suction

Powerful suction to ensure your home is cleaned

Real scrubbing power

The T10Pro features two rotating pads that remove stubborn stains and clean your floor properly.

Up to 60 days

The T10Pro holds up to 60 days worth of dust and the self-emptying tower is included in the price.

No more bacteria

Dust bags are notorious for smelling after a while, the new T10pro has an inbuilt UV light to help kill bacteria

Up to 3hr run time

Longer run time ensuring your house can be cleaned on one charge

2 Storey home?

With multiple maps built in you are able to map multiple-storey homes with ease

Works with Alexa and Google

Make life even easier by controlling your new T10pro with your Google home or Alexa

Ultenic T10 pro Pre-sale

Save $500 on the new Ultenic T10 pro and receive late September

  • Only $1250 including the self-emptying tower save $500
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free delivery
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