No Maintenance A normal mower requires regular maintenance, and associated costs tend to increase as the mower ages.

These costs of servicing can include:

  • Servicing
  • Replacement blades
  • Spark plugs
  • Oil
  • Filters
  • Blades
  • Engine rebuilds

This adds unexpected expense each time your mower requires a service and is a real cost people often forget to factor into their purchasing decisions.

MoeBot maintenance

Unlike a petrol mower, your MoeBot requires very little maintenance.

  • Blades need to be replaced every 3 months approx.
  • Grass and dirt brushed off
  • Wipe down with a cloth and mild soapy water with a microfibre cloth
  • Don’t leave in torrential rain
  • Never use a high-pressure hose to clean your MoeBot
  • Every 2-3 years depending on amount of use, replace the lithium battery

All parts are replaceable on your Robot Lawn mower and in most circumstances do not require specialist expertise to change a part.


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