Newer Mow Again

Let’s face it, mowing is not something you look forward to. It’s either costing you time that could be
spent doing something you actually want to do, or costing you money to have it maintained. With
our robotic lawnmowers you will never have to mow again.


Lawns Mowed Weekly

Our robot mowing service will have your lawns looking freshly mowed weekly for as little as $25 per week. A gardener would charge approx. $65 per week to mow weekly. Robot My Life will save you time and money

Better For Planet

We are proud that our robots are helping reduce the impact of climate change. Australia has
approx. 9mil dwellings. If each dwelling spends 30minutes per mow, that is equivalent to 360 Million
cars driving for 30 minutes each time a mower is used.
With our cost-effective service, you can help reduce climate change, all whilst having a great looking

Zero Maintenance

No more:

  • Mixing fuel
  • Changing spark plugs
  • Mower repairs
  • Sharpening blades
  • Cleaning mower decks

If you are using or monthly service the Robot My Life team maintains our fleet of robots including 24/7 GPS tracking.

If you purchase one of our robots outrights we also offer a maintenance package where we monitor
your robot 24/7, provide software updates and any necessary maintenance, saving you time.

Reduce your garden services cost
We value time, and our robots save you and our team time. Due to the efficiency of our robots, our
garden services team can be performing other garden services whilst your lawn in being
automatically mowed. Saving you hundreds per year compared to a traditional garden service.

How Your Robot Works

Your robot is programmed, installed and monitored by Robot My Life to ensure you save time and
don’t need to worry about your robot.
Your robot is autonomous, it will move around your property confined by what is known as a
boundary wire, the Robot My Life team will need to install the boundary wire and set the cut length.
The boundary wire is connected to a base station, which is connected to the power, this is also the
charging station.
Your robot has small razor blades unlike the traditional large cutting blade found on a mower. Your
robot mows in random patterns to reduce track marks. This may seem odd, but the robot has
sensors which identifies and records any patches of grass missed, which it will return to before
finishing it’s process.
When you use the Robot My Life monthly service our team will

  • Clean the blades
  • Remove debri off the lawn
  • Complete any required edging
  • Monitor