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Winter Sale Up To 70% OFF


15,000+ Happy Customers served

4.8/5 Average Rating on reviewsio-logo1


Winter Sale Up To 70% OFF

MoeBot S20

Winter Robot Sale

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MoeBot S20


MoeBot S20 Robotic Lawn Mower

MoeBot S20 (mows up to 2500sqm)

  • 2 year warranty
  • Cuts up to 2500sqm
  • Can work up to 30 degree angles
  • Free Shipping

Every now and then, a product is released and it’s a game changer. The type of product you can’t live without and once you own it; you’ll wonder, ‘where has this been all of my life?’.

We are so confident with the new S5 and S10 it has a 2-year warranty.

The MoeBot S5, S10, and S20 are those products!

After relentless development, we are pleased to announce the release of the S5, S10, S20 We have developed a high-performance robot lawn mower that cuts well and is super easy to use.

3,500rpm cutting power!

The MoeBot has one of the most powerful cutting motors in its class!

Why is that important?

More grass cut per pass means it has ability to cut through thicker grass, like Buffalo. Lower speed motors can struggle in thicker grass, the motors can stop frequently leaving grass patches not mowed. But not the S20, it has ample power to ensure you get a nice clean cut.

How well does it cut?

The S20 has an impressive cutting ability, its high speed cutting motor slices through grass with ease and more efficiently than robot mowers that cost thousands of dollars more.

Does it edge mow?

Yes. Your MoeBot S20 drives over the top of its boundary wire completing an edge mow. Minimising the need for whipper snipping. But regardless of claims some manufacturers make, all robot mowers will miss some grass near retaining walls and garden edging, so you will need to whipper snip some areas.

If you have level concrete edging on one side of your grass, your MoeBot S20 can drive over the concrete and grass due to its 4 wheel system and rubber wheels, reducing the need for whipper snipping.

What sort of grass can the MoeBot mow?

  • Buffalo
  • Couch
  • Kikuyu
  • Zeon Zoysia
  • Fescue

What is the difference between the S5, S10, and S20 models?

The specifications are exactly the same, except for the battery size and the range. The S20 has the largest battery size which increases its maximum cutting area and cutting time:

S5- will mow up to 600sqm with a 1hr cutting time

S10- will mow up to 1400sqm with a 2hr cutting time

S20- will mow up to 2,500sqm with a 3hr cutting time

You can always upgrade or downgrade the battery in the future. It is just a matter of removing a couple of screws and connecting the battery via the dedicated battery cover underneath the unit.


Easy to use APP

The APP has been developed with the non-technical person, elderly and the disabled in mind.

We have used universally recognized symbols, simple terminology and user-friendly functions to make the MoeBot the most user friendly robot mower for all customer types.

Once your MoeBot is charged and APP installed, it can literally be started with the push of 1 button, which of course, is simply to press ‘play’’.

If you want to make life easier, spend a few more seconds setting a regular schedule.

Scheduling is a breeze!

MoeBot makes your life easier. You can program you MoeBot within seconds to mow your lawn on different days, times and areas.

Zone Parameters

Set up to 5 working areas

Within seconds you can program your MoeBot via the APP to mow up to 5 different working areas, ensuring that all areas of your garden get the desired attention they deserve.

Adjustable cutting height

Your MoeBot S2- has a cutting height adjustment knob. By turning the knob clockwise you can change the cutting height from 2.5cm to 5.5cm



Your MoeBot easily connects via your home WIFI.

If you prefer not to connect via the home WIFI, it can also be used via the LCD control panel on the robot.

OTA Technology

What happens if there is a new software update?

Your MoeBot features OTA technology, so it will automatically update via your WIFI. If you don’t have WIFI, you can plug in your laptop via the USB connector and update software easily.


Your MoeBot is protected by a pin-code you set, plus if someone picks up your MoeBot, you are immediately alerted via the APP.

Mower lifted

MoeBot let’s you know what is happening!

MoeBot keeps you up to date via push alerts to your APP. That way you don’t need to check on your MoeBot. If your MoeBot encounters an issue, it will alert you via the APP so you can quickly rectify any problems.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Our new blade system allows you to flip the blades when one side is blunt. Unlike other robot mowers that require a whole new blades, saving you money. When your battery eventually needs replacing (1-2 years) its just a matter of removing a few screws on the dedicated battery cover underneath the unit.

Easy to install

The MoeBot S20 is easy to install. There is no technical knowledge required. Just a hat, sunscreen, a hammer/mallet, scissors/wire cutters, pliers and away you go. If you get stuck, we are just a message away.

What does the S20 come with?

Unlike some brands, we supply you with a full installation kit.

  • MoeBot robot mower
  • Docking station
  • Docking station screws
  • Allen key spanner
  • 100M of boundary wire
  • 100 pegs
  • Power pack
  • 9 blades
  • Wire connectors
  • MoeBot APP manual
  • MoeBot Instruction Manual
Warranty 2 years

2 year warranty

MoeBot maybe less expensive than other brands, but it doesn’t mean it is a cheap robot. We are so confident that you’ll love your MoeBot S5 and S10 that we provide you with a 2 year warranty on the cutting and wheel motors, placing your mind at ease.

How does the MoeBot S5 and S10 compare to the other major brands?

We believe from a performance, ease of use and specifications perspective that we are the most cost-effective robot mower in the Australian and New Zealand market. So much so, we have listed a comparison chart below so you can be the judge.

What support is there?

We produce a host of videos to help customers trouble shoot, if this fails to help you, we have a dedicated team that support via an online ticketing system. Our team have installed many robot mowers and understand how best to set up your robot mower.

With MoeBot your never alone.

OMG! I want one!!!! How do I order?????

The MoeBot S20 retails for $1,350 but for our May Mayhem Sale you can get one for $1,200 saving $150

It also comes with free shipping and our rock-solid 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click here to see the S5 In action

We’re incredibly confident in the MoeBot S20, which is why we offer a generous 2-year warranty. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities!

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Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 77 × 43 × 30 cm