Organic Weed Control


Organic Weeding

Weed control is not a simple task. Ideally, removing weed and seeds will reduce the spread of weeds.  Using a robot lawn mower to keep your grass continuously mowed will help prevent the spread of weeds across your lawn.
However, the best defence to weeds in garden beds is consistent maintenance; the earlier you kill the weeds, the better.
The team at Robot my Life can perform weekly weed checks to help reduce the number of weeds on your property. Our team uses three main natural weed control methods:

  • Fiskars weed puller
  • Flame gun (not used on days of total fire ban)
  • Organic spray

If weeds are a persistent problem, we can install weed matting and bark as a longer term solution to weed control.

Environmental Friendly

Robot my life has invested in a range of premium battery powered equipment to:

  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce exposure to harmful fuels for our team members
  • To prevent future hearing loss issues for our team members
  • Reduce noise of equipment for our clients
  • Reduce vibration and carpal tunnel syndrome for our team members
  • Reduce weight of equipment for our team members

No Glyphosate

The World Health Organisation has identified that glyphosate 360 is a probable human carcinogen
(Cancer causing), the product is commonly known as Round Up.
Robot My Life is opposed to the use of Glyphosate 360, for the safety of our team, our clients, our
client’s children and our client’s pets.