You can choose to either

  • install your MoeBot yourself or
  • have one of our professional installers install your MoeBot for you.

Please read the instruction manual carefully and watch the installation videos located here.

Incorrect installation can lead to operational issues with your MoeBot.

MoeBot Maintenance:

Unlike a petrol mower, your MoeBot requires very little maintenance.

  • Blades need to be replaced every 3 months approx.
  • Grass and dirt brushed off
  • Wipe down with a cloth and mild soapy water with a microfibre cloth
  • Don’t leave in torrential rain
  • Never use a high-pressure hose to clean your MoeBot
  • Every 2-3 years depending on amount of use, replace the lithium battery

All parts are replaceable on your MoeBot and in most circumstances do not require specialist expertise to change a part.

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