Vacuum Mop 4-in-1 Robot

No Tangled Hair on the Brushroll

Tangless™ Suction Gets the Hair Before the Brushroll

No Dust Collecting Base Needed

ECO Compactor™ 5X Compression Rate Trash Bin

No Halfway Returning Mop-Wash Required

HSSPL™ Reciprocate Mopping Leaves No Trace Behind

Unmatched features and price for a total home clean!

We expect this to quicky become the number 1 self cleaning robot vacuum in Australia with unmatched features and performance. HOBOT has again proven itself to be a true innovator with features like the ECO compactor, 5000PA suction and ability to scrub 1300 times per minute just to name a few.

The previous model the LEGEE D7 has a stellar reputation and the new 2 year warranty along side of the amazing features makes this the best investment you will ever make for your home!


Tangless™ Suction

Powerful Suction to Pick up the Hair Ahead of Brushroll

The hydromechanics engineers from HOBOT team discovered that the electrostatic forces is the cause of the hair tangling regardless the material of the brushrolls; the patented TanglessTM Suction is therefore designed to pick-up 82% of hair and lint ahead of time with the enhanced wind shear speed before the brushroll touches the hair, cleverly avoiding it from getting tangled.

The previous model the LEGEE D7 has a stellar reputation and the new 2 year warranty along side of the amazing features makes this the best investment you will ever make for your home!

No more expensive dustbags

ECO CompactorTM is a unique innovation exclusive to HOBOT, just like a mini trash truck, which automatically minimizes the trash occupancy to conserve up to 5 times of capacity with the built-in compactor, so you don’t need to empty the trash as often nor rely on an emptying dock and trash bags to store the trash, saving you money and the environment.

*Experiments by the HOBOT team: at least five times more dust bin space can be freed up after the hair and lint are compressed.

Tangless™ Suction

The new TanglessTM Suction 4-in-1 allows LEGEE to vacuum with the front suction, sweep with the deep-cleaning brushroll, spray water, and reciprocate mop in 1300 times/min, 8mm stroke with 800g force—all at the same time!

Designed to clean

If you are familiar with robot vacuums, one look underneath the LEGEE D8 and you can immediately see that this machine is designed to clean.

The design speaks of unmatched quality in the industry.



Our unique brushroll with deep-cleaning power can pull in all types of debris and hair on carpets and floors then gather all by the second suction underneath the brushroll.

Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

with Ag+ ion

Our unique brushroll with deep-cleaning power can pull in all types of debris and hair on carpets and floors then gather all by the second suction underneath the brushroll.

Besides not spraying water and lifting up the mop, when LEGEE cleans the carpet area, the moving speed is slowed down and the brushroll spins faster to pull dirt out from the carpet.


Design to Fit into the Corners

The HOBOT team successfully broke through the limitations of algorithms and not only made the D-shaped LEGEE to move as flexible as the round robots but also took a step further to allow it to clean closely against the edge of the floor and reach deep into the corners and under the cabinets with its 4cm long side brush.

AI Smart Spray

Dissolve then Mop

Just like how stains can be easily removed using a wrung rag, wiping with a rag that is too wet will leave traces of dirty water. The HOBOT team experimented many times to calculate and control the right amount of water to dissolve the stains, so that the floor will be clean without water marks after mopping.

Flat-Panel Mop with Reciprocating Move

for Thorough Capture

The reciprocating mops can remove and retain the dirt gradually on its front edge, the floor is spotless after cleaning. On the other hand, the dirt on the dual-spinning disk mops is loosely carried and gets spined-off easily, the disk mops require frequent wash to keep-up its cleaning ability.


Available for iOS and Android devices, the LEGEE App brings delightful floor-cleaning experiences to you with its highly customizable functions and helps keeping your LEGEE firmware up-to-date with the OTA technology.

Flat-Panel Mop with Reciprocating Move

LEGEE can store and automatically switch between 3 sets of Wi-Fi networks, also, both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bandwidth are available for more efficient and stable connection! Use Hotspot to connect if Wi-Fi is unavailable. You can connect LEGEE to your smartphone easily via Hotspot.

2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi

Stable and Strong Dual Band Connectivity

Hotspot Connection

Smooth App Control Without Wi-Fi

Multi-Storey Wi-Fi

Store and Switch Wi-Fi Automatically

Quick Login

Log-in with Facebook/Apple/Google/Wechat

Talent Clean™

The HOBOT team adopts big data research to tune different cleaning parameters into 7+1 distinctive Talent Clean modes. You can get the floor cleaned easily with the mode according to your needs!

8 cleaning1

Stain Mode

HOBOT’s exclusive patent. Stain Mode is your ultimate solution for stubborn, old stains. LEGEE will divide the area into 1.5m×1.5m sections and spray generous amount of water to dissolve the stains. Then, it will make a second run to mop and absorb the dissolved stains.

Deep Cleaning Mode

It‘s time to give your floor and carpets a comprehensive clean. The brushroll will spin in high-speed to scrape and scoop the hidden dust out the carpet or grout between tiles.

Power Suction Mode

Power Suction Mode turns suction power to the fullest and increases the spinning speed of the brushroll to clean away old dirt and debris on the floor.

Tangless Mode

Tangled hair don’t care. When there is a lot of hair on the floor, or during the shedding season of your furry friends, LEGEE will pick up the hair with the front suction to avoid tangling the brushroll.

Standard Mode

Standard Mode can serve your general needs. If you don’t know which mode to choose from, just pick Standard Mode.

ECO Mode

ECO mode works under low power consumption with the minimum vacuum power and lowest brushroll speed, so you can still have the floor cleaned while enjoying the calm and quiet time.

Dry Sweep Mode

Dry Sweep Mode will come in handy if you have moisture sensitive hard wood floors. The water spray function is disabled, mopping pad is lifted and vacuum power is slightly enhanced with slowed down pace so the floor can still get cleaned well after swept by the brushroll.

Customized Mode

Whether you have other preferences or you are simply curious, unleash your creativity with Customized Mode and explore every possible combination and build your own cleaning mode.

Quick Mapping

at a Glance

LEGEE will briefly visit all the rooms in your house to draw a map.

LEGEE can memorize up to 5 different maps and is able to know its location by matching the surroundings with the existing map.

Choose between 8 cleaning modes for each area to cope with different cleaning needs in desired sequence.

5 Map Memory

Full Map Positioning

Room-specific Talent Clean

Appointed Area Cleaning

Feel free to appoint any place you wish to clean, not limited by the existing rooms or area.


Virtual Barrier/Box

Keep LEGEE away from the delicate items.

Weaken Climbing

LEGEE won’t attempt to cross the obstacles when cleaning.

Curtain Zone

LEGEE won’t miss out any corner under curtains, skirt sofas, or bed skirts.



Knows Every Inch of Your Home

LEGEE (abbr. of Lidar, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass, and Position Estimation) is an unique navigation system that integrates 5 different technologies to plan the best cleaning route. In addition, with the FDS (Fixed Distance Sensors) array to detect small obstacles ahead or along walls, and two pairs of cliff sensors at the front and back to prevent falling, LEGEE can cruise around the house elegantly and precisely.

Smart Recharge & Resume Cleaning

When battery is low, LEGEE will automatically go back to the charging station, estimate the required battery power for the remaining area and resume cleaning task once sufficiently charged.

Listen to Your Command

Speak in Your Voice

Voice Control

Hands-Free Cleaning

Through Siri or OK Google, you will be able to clean the floor anytime, anywhere you want… without lifting a finger!

Creative Voice

Make Your Unique Voice

Creative Voice function adds more personality to LEGEE, allowing you to replace the default voice prompt with any voice of your desire, creating more fun and interactions among family members.

Cleaning Diary

Cleaning Diary allows you to check and share the information from the past 10 cleaning tasks, including finished map, cleaned area, cleaning duration and if the task was completed.

Cleaning Diary

Clean specific rooms at particular times in accordance to your preference.