automatic window cleaner

Cleaning windows takes hours and can cost a significant amount per annum if you need to pay a professional. Not only is there the time, it can be extremely dangerous if you are attempting to clean windows on a ladder or roof.

There is a safer and more efficient way with a Robot window cleaner.

Robot window cleaners are simple to use and highly effective. With no technical knowledge you can start cleaning your windows in minutes.

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Once you have set up your HOBOT Window cleaner, place it on the glass, turn it on and press the play button. A powerful vacuum motor will start that holds your HOBOT to the window.


Using advanced AI technology your HOBOT robot window cleaner will detect the window frame and calculate the most efficient path to clean your glass.

Depending on your HOBOT model, up to 6kg of pressure is applied to the glass. Mimicking pressure someone may apply to the glass if they were physically cleaning the glass themselves. Your HOBOT can also detect different surfaces and vary its applied pressure.

Using either a specially designed rotating pad or fixed cleaning pad with vibrating plate, your HOBOT removes dust from the windows with its vacuum power and cleaning pads. Depending on the window condition you can set your HOBOT to complete 2 passes instead of 1.

Normally the first pass removes dust and it is advised to change pads for a second pass to clean the glass with your HOBOT cleaning solution.

Once the window is cleaned an audible beep will sound and HOBOT will stay on the window until you remove it and place it on the next window.

Robot Window Cleaners are designed help maintain your window in a clean state. The same conept as a robot mower or robot vacuum. If the windows have not been cleaned for a significant period of time you may require extra pads or the windows may need to be scrubbed down. 

Due to the ease of use, customers are normally using their HOBOT every 6-8 weeks to maintain their windows in a clean state and preventing build up of birt, grime etc. 

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