About Us


Life is short, how valuable is your time?

For years I worked in international markets; often enduring 16 hours of travel to get to work, to start a 10 hour work day upon arrival. Regularly I was in foreign countries over weekends, sometimes for weeks at a time, away from family. 

When that role ceased, my wife and I decided it was time for a ‘tree change’: we moved to a ‘lifestyle property’ on three acres outside of Melbourne and have enjoyed the fresh air, trees, views and…. the loads of maintenance (i.e. hedges, mowing, gardening etc) that has come with this lifestyle choice ever since.

Instead of working abroad, my weekends have become centred around gardening, weeding, and mowing the lawns. Things I do enjoy, but after many, many weekends I did begin to feel as though my lifestyle had swung too far the other way.. and life is about balance. 

We thought there must be a better way to mow the lawns that will make life easier and save us time. So I started some research…and Robot My Life (& our first MoeBot) was born. I love that MoeBot mows the lawns now!

With so many different robotic options appearing on the market, it is a challenge to stay informed, know what really works, and know what Bot will actually make life easier.

Robot my Life delivers a premium service and product to the homes and businesses of its customers with one real objective in mind: and that is simply, to make your life easier.